Saturday, February 24, 2007

Endless family fun

The side of the box said, "Discover endless family fun at"

And, since they were Premium saltines, and I was curious how long fun could go on, even with the National Biscuit Company family of snack products, I thought..... humor me. I want endless fun.

Right away on the front page, I have questions.

Why does "double stuf" have only one F? Wouldn't 2 Fs more successfully reinforce the "double," besides being the correct spelling?

Now all I can smell is Oreo cream.

NabiscoWorld requires a login. This will not score me Cheez-Its, so I see no point.

As you continually click the Home page, you'll refresh to some new snack item that may entice you to finally create that password. If not Oreos, perhaps Ritz. Or Nilla Wafers.

"see which Nilla recipes are NASCAR favorites!"

I want you to know I am not making any of this up.

And yes, there are games. You do not have to log in to play them, but you can't store your scores without an account. "In your face, Snack Well!"
I played something called "PowerBall," which was basically Boggle as branded by Triscuits. It made an annoying ticking noise and never asked me if I wanted to play again. It just assumed I did.

I don't know why video games feel they have to play music. Don't they know we have the radio on already? I feel this way about Hold music as well.

Just sitting here in my empty house, wishing there were music on -- oh, if I only had a video game!

This game pictured was harder than it appears, but I think it was because I was distracted by trying to figure out how making a match wins me Nutter Butters, and some of them spin around and you have to catch them. And what are some of these cookies, anyway? Is there a game for Sociables?

Real instructions for this game
1.Click on pieces to rotate them and match adjacent colors.
for people who use words like adjacent, but have no other source of entertainment, Nabsico presents "Twistout!"

Later in the instructions
4. Try to set up combinations to increase your bonus multiplier.
"In a minute, honey! I'm increasing my bonus multiplier!" [pause] I'm in an adjacent room!" [pause] "Do we have any Nutter Butters?"

enjoy this:
"Hi kids, when you see "Ad Break" it means you are viewing a commercial message designed to sell you something. Remember, if you are under 18 years old, you should get a parent's permission before you submit any information about yourself or try to buy anything online."
{insert sound of me sucking my teeth}

did you know Zwieback is an excellent cheesecake crust?
dare you
The great state of Maine (that is pronounced Graay' Staay'-a- Maay) is famous for having saved Nabiscos pilot cracker from extinction. Nabisco will still stock it in New England, and airlift it to whoever wants it, but they don't give it no propers on tne Nabiscoworld page, and no recipies.

For Crown Pilot recipies, go here

To sing a song about the pilot, go here

To purchase a lapel pin...

I think might have it all over NabiscoWorld.


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