Friday, June 2, 2006

Let's Play the Pyramid

today's category: Crazy Things the Focus Group Said

Skittles should come in ice cream flavors

I'm so lazy I need my PB&J to be pre-made and frozen

We have no interest in standardizing car doors

What if everything was dispensed as a strip? No, a wipe! or a strip. Ok, a strip.

Oo, yeh, make it really expensive. But it only brews one cup at a time

Well, in my house, it's just the kids and all the toilet paper they use. What can you do about that?

I wish the TV Guide were bigger

I wish my cookies were smaller

We will buy anything served by a woman with big boobs. Or just boobs.

Put chicken nuggets on corn, on potatoes, and cover the whole thing in gravy and cheese. We would totally eat that.

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