Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I am Not Flooded

Thanks and much love to all who are asking.
Yes, we are still in a state of emergency.
The news footage you see is real...just not near here.

Flooding on the north shore of Massachusetts, Cape Ann, Charles River, and New Hampshire Rivers. Incessant rain. May stop Friday.

Friends on the salt marshes say that that the wetlands really do help prevent flooding, so go plant some reeds where you are.

Farther west, our 200 ft hand-laid dam holds back the state's 2nd largest body of water, and can all the rain that falls on it. [Also the last hand-laid dam in the US, and 100 years old. So...]

I can't call you back because I am in a training class that lasts about 12 hours every day. (blog yet to come) Your kind thoughts are very much appreciated.

For local flooding info (Not the Fox News -- gee whiz -- get a load of this type of footage you're seeing), click here. or here.

For too much information about the reservoir, click here.

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