Wednesday, April 5, 2006

The following is a recording.

"OnStarbucks. This is Jeannie."

"Oh my God! Please help me, my commuter mug is empty."

"Ma'am, I am showing a quarter inch left in your mug. Can you confirm that?"

[sobbing] "It won't... it won't..."

"Just try tipping it, ma'am."

"It's so {bleep}ing tall! I can't see -- I can't see if I tip it!"

"All right, ma'am, I understand that. You're safe. I am showing that you are about 2 miles from the next Starbucks. Would you like me to stay on the line with you?"

"Two miles?"

"I'll stay on the line, ma'am."

"Jeannie, I don't -- I don't know how to get there!"

"Try to stay calm, Miss Bender. I show you as driving 45 mph, which means you should be approaching a right turn onto Greene St."

"I see it!" {gasping} "Ok, I turned."

"Do you---"

"I see it!" {sobs, laughing} "Thank you, Jeannie! Thank you!"

"Thank you for calling OnStarbucks."

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  1. Okay, this is hilarious. It makes me miss you even though I am lucky enough to see you almost every day.


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