Tuesday, July 22, 2008


#12 in an occasional series of repressed 70's memories that turn out to be true.

When I think cutting edge educational toys, I think Henry Fonda!

It's a toy so boring even Peter Brady and Jodie Foster can't give it oomph. Ok, I get the joke - kids think it's educational; grown-ups think it's fun! Damn, that's .............yawn.

How brown were the 70s? Seriously.

You know you loved your Viewmaster; don't act all hipper-than-thou. My fave Viewmaster reels. I really would watch them over and over.

Barbie goes to the beach - I can not explain why Barbie does not qualify as a creepy puppet. Possibly because she is so FABULOUS. And I am a big old queen.

The White House - Greatest of All Sisters and I had a joke commentary for this reel. It involved Nixon stumbling into rooms and lighting fireplaces. [ a tooth-sucking sound works well here to fill the beat. ] We thought we were hilarious.

South Viet Nam - Sometime later we will discuss how Viet Nam used to be 2 words. This reel should be in my mother's attic somewhere, possibly distintegrated. Like its namesake.

Oh, to get my hands on the little propoganda book that came with it.
Slide # 15 is "Green Beret medic treats boy at Tra Bong Village." I promise you I am not making that up.

Please also enjoy "Traditional Funeral procession" and "The 17th Parallel Bridge."

Twenty-one stereo pictures! Perhaps now you can understand a generation that went mad for Pong.


  1. Man, I forgot how trippy the 70s were. And yes, very brown.

  2. I thought I remembered most of the reels, but I cannot recall one about Vietnam at all. Dementia? Maybe -- time will tell. :o)

  3. we had one of images from the movie Hatari! starring John Wayne. How weird is that hot mess?

  4. I looked further into the videos you posted - Small Shots with Jodie... Was that a child playng near a gas grill???? OMG PETE

  5. update - mentioned the hatari! view master to mom. for nearly 20 minutes she went on and on about how much she loved that movie, wonder how long since she's seen it, maybe i can get that on dvd, fred do you think you could find hatari! on the netflix, ooooh that movie was so funny, i love that john wayne, and so on....when dad is mentioned in this lengthy line of ramblings, he casually perks up and says, "what?"


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